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Sometimes, it's not about what you have on your plate, but what's going on in your mind when you see that plate.

Mary's Nutrition specializes in the treatment of disordered eating and eating disorders through individual nutrition counseling that adapts and meets you where you are at. Each journey to recovery will look different but include an intuitive eating, non-diet, healthy at every size approach.

Rebuilding your mind, body and food relationship with the support of Mary’s Nutrition will allow you to live a life recovered free of food guilt and physical side effects.

Not sure about nutrition counseling? Contact me to see if we are going to be the right fit for each other! Call or text at 315-527-0877 or email me at

“I have huge gratitude to you for all of your help and advice. It is helping me get through the stress and excitement of moving without using food as my relief. I have a brighter outlook on life and I appreciate ME more than ever. You have been a gift and I am so grateful for all of our sessions. Thank you thank you thank you!”


An eating disorder does not have one look, they take on all shapes and sizes. Not sure if you have disordered eating or an eating disorder? Check out these signs and symptoms below and for more information

“Mary’s support of a healthy relationship with food is a refreshing alternative to the mainstream view of every conceivable diet and food trend”

“I’ve always struggled with body image and food issues and Mary has helped me work through so much”

“Mary has helped me change my relationship with my body and food in already such a short time”

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